If you aren't reaching supporters on their smartphone - you aren't reaching them. 

They look at them 90 times a day. Shouldn't they see you there?

LetsAllDoGood helps you reach the right person, at the right time with the right message. 
Perfect for nonprofits, community groups, educational institutions, and "do good" organizations of every size and stripe.

Better than email.  Better than social. Communicate better.

Reaching supporters is hard. 

We make it easier.

The Challenge

Emails result in no action. Social posts aren’t seen.
How can you communicate better?


The Solution

Reach the right supporters in the palm of their hand - where & when you need them - on the device
they look at 100x per day.


The Mobile App for Reaching Your Supporters

LetsAllDoGood has set the standard as the smartphone app for nonprofits. Reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message, in the right place. Our affordable, private network app can even be branded and customized to fit your needs.

LetsAllDoGood app makes it easier to reach your supporters - directly and instantly on their smartphone. Nonprofits, community causes, school groups, youth recreation leagues and more are using LetsAllDoGood to get better results. 
Check out a webinar or schedule a demo to learn what it can do for your organization. 

Putting the power of an app in the hands of ANY do-good cause

Publish & Push all of your News, Events and Volunteering Opportunities

Groups using the LetsAllDoGood App have reported higher attendance at events, more volunteers and better fundraising results!

Get Noticed

No more fighting with algorithms or inboxes. Your content gets delivered and seen. Instantly. With our customizable GoodLink, LetsAllDoGood makes every message actionable!

Social Share

Expand your reach. LetsAllDoGood makes it easy for your supporters to spread the word beyond just your group to their network.

Add to Calendar,
Get Directions

Never miss an event again! With just a tap, your event is added to your supporter's smartphone calendar, complete with directions.

How it works

LetsAllDoGood User Experience

Our story

LetsAllDoGood Overview - Why we built what we built... a message from Founder Greg McHale.

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