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LetsAllDoGood, mobile app developer of the mobile app for nonprofits, gives any do-good organization the power to reach their supporters, members, and stakeholders instantly on the front screen of their phones with push notifications.

LetsAllDoGood believes that nonprofits of any size or budget should have access to simple, secure and powerful technology that lets them reach and interact with their supporters anytime, anywhere. Today, the firm has one goal: connect organizations that do good with the people that want to do good and care about the causes they support with a nonprofit mobile app.

LADG phone messages

LetsAllDoGood gives access to state-of-the-art features that were inaccessible for most organizations until now.

With LetsAllDoGood your updates hit the front screen of your supporters’ phones instantly. Through push notifications, tags, and geo-location, your nonprofit’s messages reach the right people, at the right time, in the right place.

The LetsAllDoGood Solution

LetsAllDoGood is a secure, private mobile app network. User data is not shared, sold, or mined. The app’s back-end content management system requires no fancy technology or training. Just fill in the fields and publish rich content instantly to the device your supporters look at over 100 times a day.

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Instant, secure communication with supporters is essential.

Reach them where and when it matters most with LetsAllDoGood—The Nonprofit Mobile App.

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