Every cause.  Every supporter.  Every smartphone.  Yeah.  We built that.

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You have a problem.

If you’re like every nonprofit, half of your email list is inactive.  Your open and click-through rates are declining. And your social media isn’t filling the void.

Your supporters just can’t hear you through all the noise.  And that’s a problem.


We have the solution.

LetsAllDoGood is a remarkably simple mobile platform that lets you reach people on the device they pay the most attention to – their smartphones.

It empowers them to be more actively engaged with your cause by giving them a direct line to all you do – and then making it really easy for them to get involved and to share.

LetsAllDoGood is for every cause, every community group, everyone doing good.

And best of all, it’s free.

Let’s talk.  You really need to see this. 

In just a few minutes, we’ll show you how to connect to your supporters on their smartphones. 


Any cause, nonprofit, community, PTO/PTA, booster club, faith-based organization – anyone doing good.

  • It’s remarkably simple.  It’s completely free.
  • An easy to use Content Management System connected to the LetsAllDoGood app.
  • Your organization profile, news, events, volunteering opportunities.
  • Rich content with pictures and video.
  • Add something new and send a push to your supporters see it instantly.
  • They can add things to their calendar and share with their social graph.
  • Better than free – you can reward and engage existing sponsors or create new sponsorship opportunities.

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