The easiest way for nonprofits and social
enterprises to reach their supporters on their smartphones.


Email is a problem. And it's only getting worse.

Upwards of 50% of your email list is inactive and your open and click-through rates continue to decline. Given that email is the primary way your connect with supporters, that's an issue. 

Social media isn't the salvation you hoped for.

Facebook and Twitter have become so good at monetizing their contents streams that organic reach rates are minuscule. In other words, your posts and tweets aren't being seen by your supporters.


You want reach your supporters on their smartphones.

Your supporters go to bed with them, wake up with them, and look at their smartphones on average 46 times a day. Isn't that where you need to reach them with your latest news, events, and volunteering opportunities?

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What is LetsAllDoGood?

We enable any nonprofit, cause, educational organization, or community group to create, manage, and publish rich content – news, events, volunteering – to their supporters on their smartphones.

Our beautifully designed app - Android and iOS - enables supporters to connect, engage, and share content from the causes that matter to them.

Why LetsAllDoGood?

  • People spend 92% of their time on a smartphone in an apps (only 8% on mobile web) and 97% of your supporters have smartphones.
  • We have an easy to use Content Management System connected to the LetsAllDoGood app that lets you:
    • Manage your organization profile, news, events, volunteering opportunities.
    • Provide rich content with pictures and video.
    • Quickly add something new and send a push to your supporters see it instantly.
    • Enable your community to add things to their calendar and share with their social graph.
  • Better than free – you can reward and engage existing sponsors or create new sponsorship opportunities.

LetsAllDoGood is remarkably simple and completely free and puts your organization where you want to be - in the smartphones of your supporters 

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