Learn how you can reach your community - instantly - on their smartphones.

It’s simple. It’s free.

If you answer yes to three simple questions, you should spend 15 minutes to learn about LetsAllDoGood:

Is email a problem?

If you’re like most nonprofits, you’ve been experiencing declining open (15%) and click-through (1.6%) rates for years. That’s bad.

Is social media a problem?

You’ve been told that social media is the answer to the email problem! But engagement rates are lower on social media (Facebook – 2 to 6%, Twitter – less than 2%) than they are on email. That’s worse.

Want to reach your supporters on their smartphones?

More than 90% of your supporters have them. They wake up with, go to bed with, and look at their smartphone – on average – nearly 80 times a day. That’s your promised land.

If an email gets opened, read, and acted upon, the average response time is 6.5 hours. Hours! Push? 30 to 40% of push subscribers interact with your message instantly!

Take 15 minutes and discover what some of the smartest nonprofits in Boston already know – LetsAllDoGood is simple, powerful and is needed today to engage supporters where they live their lives. On their smartphones.

Who'll Be Speaking?


Greg McHale, Founder & CEO

A Few of The Amazing Partners LetsAllDoGood Works With:

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