LetsAllDoGood App Subscription

From: $99.00 / year

Reaching supporters is hard. We make it easier. – LetsAllDoGood

The LetsAllDoGood App enables unions to connect with their members immediately on their smartphones.

News. Events. Volunteering.

Your Messages – Immediately Received. Call-to-Action Ready.

  • Workers Rights information
  • Meeting notices
  • Work Action updates
  • Picket details
  • Workplace safety updates
  • Get out to Vote messages

LetsAllDoGood App: Remarkably Simple. Incredibly Powerful.

Your Member Communication Channel

Send news, information updates, and event details directly to your members on their smartphones.

Easy to Use

EVERY NONPROFIT can use this App! It’s ‘type’ simple… just fill in the fields. No technical knowledge needed.


Pricing has been pre-negotiated to ensure that EVERY NONPROFIT can use LetsAllDoGood. No upfront fees. No extra usage fees – send as many messages to as many members as many times as you want. It’s just one flat monthly fee which is about as much as a cable bill.


Enables each union to reach the right members at the right time with the right updates.

One Platform – One Voice

We are thousands of unions and millions of members all working together. LetsAllDoGood enables us to communicate, organize and serve our members.